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I have ordered XB range but only receive ZB range. For example: XB5AD33
XB5AD33 is a product that combine by 2 other references ZB5AD3 and ZB5AZ103
What is the touch screen sensing type for Magelis XBT GT terminals.
Magelis XBT GT series terminals have resistance type touch panel.The touch panel is made of two screens on which they use a transparent resistive...
How much is the Air Freight for AIR shipment from Singapore to Vietnam?
The Air Freight is 5% of total amount that you want to ship by AIR, but minimum Air Freight is 100 USD
Do Micrologic need to connect an external power supply?
• Display of measurements operates without an external power supply. The digital display goes off if the current drops below 0.2 x In (In = rated...
What is the minimum current that Nulec recloser’s ADVC controller can detect?
The minimum current value that Nulec recloser’s ADVC controller can detect is 2A. Any value below 2A is considered to be zero as default.
How many Current transformers (CT) are used in Altistart 48 Soft Starter.
In the 'Q' range Altistart 48 Soft Starter two Current Transformers (CT) are used. In the 'Y' range Altistart 48 Soft Starter, three Current Transformers...
What is the booting time of Altistart 48 soft starter.
The booting time for the Altistart 48 soft starter (switch-off/switch-on) is approximately 1 second.
What is the current measurement accuracy in Micrologic A, P and H ?
Accuracy depends on accuracy of the reading and accuracy of the full scale (nominal current of the circuit breaker)using the formula : total accuracy...
Làm cách nào để lắp Shunt trip cho MCCB EasyPact CVS?
Quý khách vui lòng làm theo hướng dẫn trong video bên dưới.
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