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Can the same mechanical interlock for LC1FL44 contactor be used for mechanical interlock of the new equivalent LC1F6304 contactor.
Yes, the same mechanical interlock LA9FL970 can be used for both the old LC1FL44 as well as for new equivalent LC1F6304 contactors. This is a horizontally...
How to create a drop down menu in Vijeo Citect application for selecting items.
Sample Cicode script to get drop down menu feature for selection purpose in Vijeo Citect project is given below. ! Create a form, add combo box and...
How can the delivery date of this item faster than standard leadtime?
Please check if you can change to AIR shipmode and the delivery date will shorten 7-10 days for AIR transfer.
How long the customer can storage the products at Schneider warehouse?
Please note 15 days storage at Schneider warehouse to get the complete orders.
Can the north distributor check P&A in HCM DC in MySE ? And How to check ?
The North Distributor can check P&A in HCM DC in MySE. The first, you have to register an USER via Account# 10023386. After the register step is successful,...
How to check LOQ in MySE when I check P&A ? LC1E0910M5 is an example. I need to check 23 pcs.
When you do Pricing and Availability check on mySE Web portal, it will pop up alert to show you how many pieces that higher than Large order quantity...
ISO certificate
You can find the ISO certificate in the attachment.
Schneider Electric Training Course
You can find information about Schneider Electric training course on the below link:
What is the control circuit voltage limit of LC1D80M7?
Following the specification of LC1D contactors (especially LC1D80M7), the control supply is 0.85...1.1Uc at 55°C with operational frequency of 60Hz,...
How to reset an ATV212 to factory setting?
Set tYP = 3 to return to factory setting (remember to press and hold the “Enter” button during two seconds).  Then set  tYP = 2 to configure for 60Hz
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