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Linergy TR Cable Ends (Ferrules) and Tools

Mark-able cable ends, insulated cable ends in dispenser pack, uninsulated cable ends and tools. The complete range of Linergy TR cable ends (ferrules) helps streamline all your electrical installations with three types of insulated cable ends - markable, standard, or twin available in three different lengths. All cable ends are packed in easy-to-use dispenser pack or zippered bag

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Linergy TR terminals blocks

Spring type, screw type and push-in type help streamline all your electrical installations. -

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Linergy power busbars

Linergy BS, BW, LGY, LGYE, BZ. A complete range of vertical, horizontal, insulated, rear/multistage, and multi-standard power busbar.

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Linergy distribution blocks

Linergy DS, DX, DP. A complete range of distribution blocks that helps you to easily distribute power within your panels, with compact offers. Two types of technology are available : quick connection (thanks to spring terminals) or screw connections, up to 250 A.

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Linergy Device Feeders

Linergy FM, FH, FV, FC, FT. A complete range of device feeders for connecting the devices all along the rows whatever the enclosure you choose.

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Linergy Terminals blocks and bars

Push-in type, spring type, screw type terminal blocks and Earth and neutral bars. The complete ranges of Linergy TR (DIN rail Terminal blocks) and Linergy TB (Earth and neutral bar) bring simplicity of use to your installation.

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Linergy "Hot Plug" distribution

Linergy HK. Linergy "Hot Plug" solution range for upgradable and flexible panels.

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Industrial Plugs and Sockets. IEC 309 compliant plugs and sockets (formerly CEE type)

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