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Industrial Automation and Control

PAC, PLC & other Controllers

Software suite


Controllers (PLC & PAC) for Industrial machines


A single software environment. Save engineering time through intuitive machine programming with one of the most modern and powerful tool-based software concepts on the market

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Logic controller - Modicon M238

20 to 248 I/O, 0.3 µs per Instruction. 100% optimized for simple machines

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Logic controller - Modicon M258

42 to 2400 I/O, 0.022 µs per Instruction. 30% saving time in assembly, wiring and commissioning

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Modicon TSX Micro

Compact, modular PLC up to 484 I/O. Compact, modular PLC for OEM machine builders and infrastructure, with up to 484 I/O

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IEC Programming Software for Micro and Premium. Programming software for Micro and Premium.

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Magelis SCU

HMI controller for small machine and simple process control. Magelis SCU controller delivers adequate functionality for control of small machines and simple processes, while saving up to 30% in installation and ownership costs

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Logic Controller - Modicon M221

For hardwired architectures. Achieve benchmark performance while increasing profitability with the Modicon M221 logic controller, the most complete controller in the new Modicon range

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Logic Controller - Modicon M251

For modular and distributed architectures. Increase flexibility, while saving space in your cabinet with the Modicon M251 logic controller for modular and distributed architectures.

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Modicon LMC058 and LMC078

for coordinated, synchronised and interpolated motion control. A full range of scalable controllers to design all your applications, thanks to a single software suite, SoMachine, including the same Motion Libraries based on PLCopen, Embedded I/O, and numerous field buses.

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Magelis XBT GC, GT/GK with control

18 to 96 I/O. Up to 15 % total savings in design, setup, operation and maintenance

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Distributed I/O

Advantys OTB

IP20 optimum modular I/O system, for simple machines (up to 248 I/Os). Simply optimum !

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Modicon Momentum

Controller and IP20 monoblock I/Os for distributed control architecture. Control and distributed I/O system with 4 fundamental components that easily snap together in various combinations to form versatile control systems or sub-systems

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Modicon Momemtum for Unity

Entry Level Unity PLC. Momentum for Unity offers a simple, low cost, low risk, hardware migration path to Unity for Momentum customers moving from Concept or Proworx as an Ethernet PLC ideal for small applications.

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Advantys STB

IP20 modular distributed I/O. IP20 distributed I/Os, for distributed connection to sensors and actuators from a PLC with prefabricated cables

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Modicon TM7

IP67 modular I/O system, for machines or installations in harsh environment. 100% flexibility and optimisation of your machines

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Modicon TM5

IP20 modular I/O system, for complex machines or installations (up to 2400 I/Os). 100% flexibility and optimisation of your machines

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Advantys FTB, FTM

Advantys FTB, FTM, IP67 distributed I/Os. IP67 distributed I/Os

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Modicon TM3

Flexible I/O expansion modules for Modicon controllers. Boost the performance of your controller with the Modicon TM3 I/O system specially designed for the Modicon M221, M241 and M251 logic controllers!

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Controllers (PLC) for Commercial machines

Safety Controllers and modules

Controllers for dedicated applications