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    Magelis Compact iPC

    PC panels

    PC panels

    Magelis Compact iPC
    • Tính năng

      Choose Magelis Compact iPC... Value your knowledge and save valuable time during installation.

      Appropriate design:

      • The right performance with Celeron M 1Ghz
      • Choice of connections: dual embedded Ethernet TCP/IP, PCI or PCMCIA expansion cards
      • Compact for an easy installation

      Added value

      • Open: Intel microprocessor and Microsoft Windows operating system
      • Good quality screen
      • Rugged: hardened construction, IP65 front panel and UL/cUL 508 certification for industrial control

      Combined offer

      • Combining Magelis Compact iPC with Vijeo Citect or Vijeo Designer will allow you to easily develop your SCADA or HMI complete applications

      Lợi ích

      The optimum solution for machines

      Available in 12" screen size, compact for an easy installation and open, Compact iPC inherent qualities makes it an attractive and open solution that is especially suitable for machine manufacturers.

      Các ứng dụng

      Applications requiring Windows operating system and rugged 12” touch screen in the following domains:

      • Infrastructures
      • Manufacturing plants
      • Machine automation