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Magelis Smart

Magelis Smart

Maintenance free iPC

Magelis Smart
  • Tính năng

    Industrial PCs with touch screen display: 12"

    Maintenance-free and rugged

    • Magelis Smart does not contain rotating parts (no hard disk or fan) and offers IP65 protection
    • Same Cut-out as the Magelis whole range, front USB port
    • Compliant with the most demanding standards (UL 508 for automation equipment, UL and ATEX for hazardous locations)
    • Operating system and applications are located on a write-protected compact flash, to protect against any kind of damage 

    Magelis Smart with embedded software

    • Based on Windows XP Embedded, the embedded software consists of MS Office readers, multimedia and email capabilities, .Net and a web browser
    • It supports Vijeo Designer HMI run time and the SCADA Vijeo Citect as a Web client

    Lợi ích

    The ideal, maintenance free industrial PC offering all capabilities of Windows

    Available with 12" touch screen, Magelis Smart is an extension of rugged operator terminals to industrial PC with Windows operating systems.  Magelis Smart is open to the Web and meets demands of applications requiring operator dialogue, display and remote diagnostics.

    Các ứng dụng

    Applications requiring maintenance free PC with rugged 12” touch screen, Windows operating system, in the following domains:

    • Infrastructures
    • Manufacturing plants
    • Machine automation