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    Harmony XVDLS

    Ø 45 mm monolithic beacons

    Ø 45 mm Monolithic beacons

    Harmony XVDLS
    • Tính năng

      Beacons XVDLS:
      • Degree of protection IP40
      • Diameter: 45 mm
      • Certifications: CE, UL, CSA
      • 2 types of light source: incandescent bulb (5 W), flash discharge tube (0.5 joule)
      • Several colours available: Green, Red, Orange, Blue, Clear, Yellow.
      For signalling requirements where space is restricted:

      Pilot lights XV1CA precabled:
      • Degree of protection IP40
      • Diameter: 25 mm
      • Height of pilot light: 55 mm
      • Certifications: CE
      • Type of light source: incandescent bulb (5 W max.)
      • 4 colours available : Red, Yellow, Green, Clear.

      Lợi ích

      Close at hand signalling!

      Thanks to its extreme compactness (Ø 50 mm), this offer is suitable for installation on small machines for short distance signalling of the process status.

      Các ứng dụng

      • Signalling for short distances: 5 to 35 m
      • Simple applications in a protected environment: for simple small machines with reduced visibility distance.