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    Varset Fast

    LV transient free capacitor banks

    Static capacitor banks 50 Hz

    Varset Fast
    • Tính năng

      Varset Fast is a capacitor bank ready to install and to use. This is a complete solution for automatic power factor correction with a fast power factor controller. This range is composed of compensation cubicles with static contactors to satisfy Harmony network configurations.

      Technical data
      • Frequency: 50 Hz
      • Network voltage: 400/415V
      • Capacitor rated voltage: Harmony
      • Reactive power: 100 to 600 kvar
      • Detuned reactor tuning order: 2.7(135Hz), 3.8(190Hz), 4.3(215Hz)
      • Short-circuit withstand strength 50 kA 0.3s
      • Temperature class: -5°C to +40°C
      • Standard: IEC 60439-1, IEC 61921, EN 60439-1

      Lợi ích

      The complete solution

      Simplicity for contractors:
      • the centre of gravity has been dropped making it easy to carry and to install
      • easy to connect the wires by bottom or top (option) connection
      • easy to access by fork-lift trucks
      Peace of mind for end users:
      • product 100% factory tested before delivery
      • protection against direct contact thanks to the protection plate
      • no maintenance during the first 5 years
      • fast power factor controller and contactor (reaction time less than or equal to 40ms)
      • more power in the same cubicle than before

      Các ứng dụng

      • Make savings on power: power factor correction
      • Power quality supplied: limitation of pollution to the network 


      • Varset Fast, LV Compensation Cubicle