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High performance circuit breakers up to 160 A


  • Tính năng

    • Rated current: 16 to 160 A
    • 3 breaking performances: 16, 25 and 36 kA under 415 V
    • Rated operational voltage: 500 V AC
    • 3-and 4-pole version
    • NA type switch version
    • Fixed thermal trip unit
    • Earth leakage protection by associated Vigi module (upstream or downstream rigid connections)
    • Optional auxiliaries: position indication, tripping indication, shunt trip or undervoltage trip control, extended rotary control
    • Compliance with standards IEC 60947-1-2-3

    Tools and Resources:
    NG160 substitution and technical guide 
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    Lợi ích

    Ready to install

    Benefiting from all the simplicity of modular installation, the NG160 circuit-breaker combines the performance and robustness essential for tertiary and industrial installations.

    Các ứng dụng

    Protection in all tertiary and industrial buildings:

    • Incoming protection in modular enclosures
    • Outgoing protection in power switchboards


    • NG160H 4P with bottom out Vigi add-on