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Spacial S3CM

Steel command enclosures for human-machine interface


Spacial S3CM schneider.label Steel command enclosures for human-machine interface
  • Tính năng

    Our man-machine dialogue offer comprises :

    • control enclosures,
    • a keyboard enclosure,
    • an arm with fixed or rotating joint system,
    • a wide range of accessories.

    The design of the global dialogue system, combining attractive looks with ergonomics, enables easy adaptation to application requirements as well as customization to customer styling.

    And also...

    • strong IK 10, steel body, top panel reinforced by plate, thickness 3 mm extruded aluminium frame.
    • watertight IP 54, polyurethane seal.

    Technical characteristics :
    Control enclosures comprise :

    • A steel body, textured epoxy-polyester paint finish, colour grey RAL 7035, with rear door opening to 120°, closure by double-bar lock.
    • The top panel is reinforced (3 mm) and drilled 54 or 87 mm (according to reference) to enable suspended enclosure mounting. an aluminium front face (thickness 2.5mm), protected on both sides by plastic film, for mounting of dialogue elements and a trim frame comprising 4 extruded aluminium profiles.
    • Design of these profiles takes account of the functionalities of accessory mounting , the ergonomics of enclosure operation and the aesthetics of the total unit, textured epoxy-polyester powder paint finish, colour grey RAL 7040.
    • Degree of protection : IP 54.
    • External mechanical impact resistance: IK 10.
    • Paint finish RAL 7035.
    • Certifications : EN62208, LCIE, UL et CUL.

    Enclosures Spare Parts    
    Schneider Electric selected a wide variety of spare parts for your enclosure.  No matter if the enclosure is recently built or has several years, you can have the replacement parts you need.

    Lợi ích

    The perfect enclosure for HMI application !

    • Water tightness : IP54
    • Choice : 7 enclosure references, from 300 x 300 x 200 mm to 800 x 600 x 300 mm.
    • Practical : tubes available in 4 lengths, from 0.5 to 2 meters.
    • Rugged : 2 sizes of extruded steel tube, 50 and 80 mm square, thickness 4 mm
    • Smart : direct mounting of accessories on enclosure frame rail : lighting, vertical document holder, keyboard shelf, laptop computer shelf.
    • Attractive : extruded aluminum profile frame painted RAL 7040, body painted RAL 7035, enclosure customized to customer styling or to machine appearance.

    Các ứng dụng

    • Human Machine Dialogue.