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Unity Pro

IEC Programming Software for Modicon PACs

A unique software platform to increase design productivity and performance of your Modicon M340, M580, Momentum, Premium, Quantum and Quantum Safety applications.

Unity Pro
  • Tính năng

    • "All-in-one" software
    • 5 IEC61131-3 languages + Legacy LL984
    • Integrated conversion tools from Concept, Proworks, PL7 Pro
    • FDT / DTM standard for field device integration
    • Standard objects and libraries
    • Customizable integrated Function Block Library (DFB)
    • PLC simulator on PC, Built-in test and diagnostic
    • Animation tables, Operator Screens and Trending Tool

    Lợi ích

    Increase design productivity and performance:

    • Unity Pro conversion tools (from Concept, ProWorks, PL7 Pro....) for smooth continuity and migration from legacy PLC ranges to new PAC generations
    • Standardized objects or libraries,  easy integration of field devices (FDT/DTM standard), compatibility with existing applications, powerfull debug and simulation tools, and structured vision of datas including predefined diagnostic parameters of I/O modules
    • CCOTF functions to maintain & update your installation without stopping your process
    • Animation tables (recipes) Operator Screens and Trending Tool for easy operation and maintenance of the process from a unique software

    Các ứng dụng

    Process control applications for:

    • Modicon M340
    • Modicon M580
    • Modicon Momentum
    • Modicon Premium
    • Modicon Quantum
    • Modicon Quantum Safety