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Chọn quốc gia hoặc khu vực khác

Universal enclosures configurator

Ngừng bán

The software dedicated to multi-purpose enclosures quotations
  • Tính năng is the software assistant that helps you quote, view and modify a complete solution with enclosures and electrical devices in a matter of minutes !

    Click on the Download section to obtain a demo version. Upgrade to full version after speaking to your usual Schneider Electric contact.

    Follow 5 easy steps to get a complete and accurate quotation:

    1. Choose an enclosures range: from out multi-purpose ranges of wall-mounting and floor-standing enclosures

    2. Select and place the devices: find Schneider Electric devices classified by function and drag them directly to the graphic view

    3. Import a list of components if you wish: use the open access feature to add an existing list of components, wherever they are coming from

    4. Choose an enclosure to match the mounting plates size: select the mounting plate that matches your device amount and location, and make the right choice of your enclosure, based on your previous selections

    5. Export the final outcome: use the Bill of Material Excel file to prepare your order. Also, you can have design views in .JPG or .DWG formats

    Lợi ích

    The software that creates complete switchboard proposals

    • Time-saving - Allows you to quote full projects with several sets of enclosures and devices in just a few minutes !  
    • Convenient - Export your quotes to an excel file and make complete offers without wasting time.
    • Simple design in a few clicks - Automatically creates Bills Of Material and 2D front/side views of switchboards.
    • Error-free - Proposes accessories that are compatible with the chosen enclosure and/or devices, checks for inconsistencies and suggests alternative accessories.
    • Powerful - Creates and manages a user catalogue where any new product can be registered with prices, dimensions, pictures and dwg drawings.

    Các ứng dụng

    • Automation & Control Industry
    • Panel Builders
    • OEMs