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MiCOM H-Series Ethernet Switches

Secure and Reliable Ethernet Switches

MiCOM H-Series is range of secure and reliable Ethernet switches for the substation environment. Designed to IEC 61000-4 & 60255-5, they are plug and play devices when used with factory settings. Many models available according to network arcitecture

Communication Elements to secure the electrical distribution network
  • Tính năng

    MiCOM H-Series is designed for installation in Substation Computers, Industrial Enclosures or stand alone, settings are configured by jumpers and software. MiCOM H-Series are SNMP managed and available with multi/monomode optical fibres or copper connections. In the event of a fault, fast network reconfiguration is managed by RSTP, Dual homing or Self Healing protocols.
    Various interfaces and network topologies are supported in line with the latest industry standards and the IEEE 802.3 committee.

    PCI format :

    • H14x - Unmanaged Ethernet Switches 
    • H15x - Ultra-fast Industrial Ethernet Redundant Rings 
    • H16x - Ultra-fast Industrial Ethernet Redundant Star networks

    DIN rail format : 

    • H34x - Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
    • H35x - Ultra-fast Industrial Ethernet Redundant Rings 
    • H36x - Ultra-fast Industrial Ethernet Redundant Star networks
    • MiCOM H6xx devices are dedicated to large, single or redundant industrial Ethernet star networks. The 19”, 2U rack mounting chassis is designed without moving parts for increased reliability.  Up to 4 optical or copper Ethernet switches (H62x) may be installed alongside a redundant power supply.

    Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year

    Lợi ích

    Standardised Hardware for Reliable Ethernet Networks
    • Standard PCI card format can be used in Industrial PCs or Industrial enclosures
    • Stand-alone format for DIN Rail mounting
    • Extremely easy to install
    • Settings by jumper and software application
    • Ultra fast network reconfiguration / convergence time (less than 1ms for the entire network)
    • Watchdog relay for monitoring purposes

    Các ứng dụng

    • Ultra-fast Industrial Ethernet Ring or Star Networks
    • Double Star or Ring Redundant Network Architectures
    • Dedicated large star networks (single or redundant)