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Ecodial Advance Calculation

To calculate and size electrical installation

The software to calculate and size your electrical installation

  Ecodial Advance Calculation
  • Tính năng

    Ecodial Advanced Calculation, the electrical calculation software for building sectors
    • Optimise the choice of equipment
    • Sizing installations with several and different type of power supplies
    • New tripping curve display
    • Import projects from ID-Spec Large and export to Rapsody.


    Beside the international version, Ecodial Advanced Calculation also has versions adapted to countries’ standards (click on your version to contact your local Schneider Electric representative):

    Lợi ích

    The reference tool for powerful and compliant electrical installations.

    Time savings and increased productivity:

    Verification of electrical network consistency prior to calculation of solutions
    Errors reported and identified on the single-line diagram
    Calculation reports and information immediately usable.
    High added value level:

    Consideration of the installation operating modes and the need for continuity of supply
    Consistency of choices between calculated switchgear and proposed equipment
    Harmonization of the protection schedule
    Quick access to choices of alternative solutions.
    Enhanced expert image:

    Compliance with calculation standards: compliance with the CENELEC TR50480 technical report
    Compliance with installation standards: non-conformities are automatically reported
    Compliance with product standards: all recommended Schneider Electric products comply with applicable standards
    Guarantee of having the most up-to-date offers
    Complete study file: automatic generation of design notes and cable and protection schedule.
    Installation conforming to applicable standards:

    Complete compliance with calculation and installation standards
    Guaranteed safety of persons and equipment
    Reworking to conformity of the existing installation.
    Optimised and latest generation solution:

    Installation operating constraints and need for continuity of supply are taken into account as from the design stage
    Choice of products out of the latest Schneider Electric ranges.

    Các ứng dụng

    System Requirement
    1. Please make sure that the system meets the minimum requirements to run the full version of 

    VISTA (all types in English & French) and XAML interface standard.
    Windows 7(English & French) en 32 & 64 bytes
    Windows 8(English & French) en 32 & 64 bytes
    Windows 10(English &French) en 32 & 64 bytes
    MS Office Home & Professional 2003/2007/2010(English & French)
    Adobe Reader
    2. Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-5300U CPU @2.30 GHz
        Installed Memory:  RAM 4.00 GB (2.73 usable)
    3. Browser Requirement: The users’ PC should have the Internet explorer(IE) version 9 and above.
        This is required to complete the user registration and, also to complete the registration process, user must be connected to the internet.
    Screen Resolutions supported
    For Mobile PC display: 1366 × 768 (recommended) with “landscape Orientation.”