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On-line electrical calculation tools

A set of seven online calculation tools

Calculation tools for Low Voltage electrical network

On-line electrical calculation tools
  • Tính năng

    Electrical calculation tools is a set of 7 computer aided online tools designed to help you :
    • Display the time-current curves of 1 to 8 circuit-breakers 
    • Check the discrimination between two circuit-breakers and display their time-current curves
    • Search all the circuit-breakers that can be selective with a defined circuit-breaker
    • Search all the circuit-breakers that offer cascading with a defined circuit-breaker
    • Display the curves of two Residual Current Devices (RCD) and check their discrimination
    • Calculate the Cross Section Area of cables and build a cable schedule
    • Calculate the voltage drop of a defined cable and check the maximum length 

    All tools propose a report generation feature.
    No download needed, direct access from your web browser.
    Can run on PCs and on tablets.

    Electrical calculation tools are based upon Schneider Electric Ecodial electrical network calculation well-known software.
    These new online software tools will progressively substitute Curve Direct and Direct Coordination.

    Lợi ích

    • Easier than old fashioned paper catalogue and coordination tables.
    • Faster than the heavy full features electrical network calculation software.
    • Up to date with Schneider Electric Low Voltage protection devices and circuit breakers.
    • No download needed, no resident software package on your computer, Online tools can be played from your web browser, and it’s on! 

    Các ứng dụng

    You are a consultant or design office, Electrical calculation tools can help you:
    • To verify cable voltage drop during the re-design of the projects.
    • To design an installation when searching information on protection settings and time current curves.
    • To design an installation where continuity of supply is required.
    • To optimise the installation cost.
    • To generate cables schedule and choose proper cable size, for greater system reliability. 
    You are a electrical contractor, Electrical calculation tools can help you:
    • To quickly verify and identify cable losses during trouble shooting purpose.
    • To determine the cross section area of the cable during installation.

    When dealing with an extension of an existing installation, or with a load upgrade:

    • To set the new protection and to see the result on the time current curve.
    • To set the new protection taking into account protection discrimination and optimise the cost of the extension.
    • To select circuit-breakers taking into account discrimination.
    • To verify whether the existing cable is adequate.
    • To calculate cable size and to assist engineers during project expansion.

    You are a panel builder, Electrical calculation tools can help you:

    • To preset protection trip unit and to display the result on the time current curve.
    • To preset protection trip curves when protection discrimination is mandatory.
    • To select new circuit-breakers when discrimination is mandatory.
    • To optimise the cost of the switchboard thanks to protection coordination.
    You are a facility management manager / staff, Electrical calculation tools can help you:
    • During replacement of cables.
    • To identify the losses in existing installation.
    • To re-design of the electrical network system.
    To understand root causes and to solve the issue:
    • When facing a protection tripping issue.
    • When facing a protection coordination issue.
    • When facing a protection discrimination issue.