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TeSys U

Starter controllers up to 15 kW


TeSys U
  • Tính năng

    With a capacity of up to 32A/15 kW, TeSys U consists of:
    • One 45 mm power base (1): 2 ratings, reversing or non-reversing, circuit-breaker function and built-in interference suppression
    • One clip-on control unit, from a choice of 3: Standard CU: protection against overloads and short-circuits/Expandable CU: + alarm and fault differentiation/ Multifunction CU (2): real time control of motor load, local or remote diagnostics and parameter setting
    • One clip-on automation control module, from a choice of 3: (3): Modbus, CANopen, AS-Interface and PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet, DeviceNet, Fipio, Interbus S via Advantys STB le module or a simple parallel link
    • Two optional 45 mm power functions: limiter-isolator(4) and changeover relay  (5)

    LUCM specific control unit enables advanced and settable diagnosis and statistic functions:

    • Instantaneous current values
    • Logs of last 5 trips
    • Number of starters, number of trips and number of operating hours

    As well as protection function:

    • magnetic tripping value
    • phase unbalance level
    • class type
    • jam
    • under current
    • Alarm available for all protection

    Lợi ích

    A motor starter simple and compact
    Introducing the 1st intelligent starter capable of integrating motor control, control and changeover functions in a unit 45 mm wide! Compact, simple and modular, it adapts to all the applications.

    Các ứng dụng

    • Industry: ideal solution when the motor starter needs to be decentralised in the machine or the process