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    An ADMS solution application.

    Field Mobility

    An ADMS solution application.

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        ADMS Field Client

        Schneider Electric's Field Client is a web-based thin client providing utility field crews with access to work requests, switching plans, incidents and safety documents. Field Client allows users to view, search and navigate the network in both geographic and schematic views, as well as perform operations like planned switching and incident response. Read more
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        ArcFM Mobile

        ArcFM Mobile is a cloud based mobile solution that extends the value of your existing GIS investment with focused, intuitive tools that give field crews real-time access to geospatial data and solutions so they know exactly what work to perform, where it’s located, and can easily record and communicate work status and results. ArcFM Mobile
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        White Paper
        Field Data Gathering Services

        New cloud-based field data services provide an alternative to the traditional IT model – one that is particularly advantageous to utilities. Instead of owning, managing, and training staff on the computing hardware, systems, and software of the traditional IT model, the cloud-based platform provider leases out any or all of those elements to aggregate current and complete infrastructure data and make that data available across utility processes. Field Data Gathering Services