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  • Two men looking at x-ray and hospital energy usage overview, sustainability reporting, energy management software, healthcare solutions.

    Healthcare Energy Management

    Nurse with face mask, glasses and hat looking down, healthcare solutions.

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    Các cơ sở y tế có nhu cầu sử dụng năng lượng rất cao. Các cơ sở này thường hoạt động 24 giờ/7 ngày trong suốt 365 ngày, và có thể có một số cơ sở bên ngoài, khiến việc quản lý năng lượng trở thành một nhiệm vụ nặng nề.

    Energy Management Life Cycle

    Energy Management Life Cycle, illustration, Water and WasteWater, water management, energy efficiency and process optimization
    • Solutions

      By creating an intelligent healthcare infrastructure and utilizing StruxureWare for Healthcare software suite, our healthcare energy management solutions uncover opportunities to improve financial health and redirect capital to patient care services.
    • Value Proposition

      Now, healthcare organizations can manage energy use and cost, onsite or remotely, to:

      • Improve hospital energy efficiency.
      • Reduce hospital operating expenses.
      • Improve the environment of care.
    • Differentiation

      As a global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric is positioned to help you create a comprehensive healthcare energy management plan, from design to operation to ongoing maintenance.

    Two physicians reviewing big data analytics, facility management software.


    Whether you are part of an extensive healthcare system, or a small, self-operating clinic, reducing energy consumption can bring balance back to your budget without compromising patient care. From the waiting room to the hospital campus and beyond, Schneider Electric has the solutions to help you succeed.


    • Man is able to monitor the energy management software from a tablet in the server room, sustainability reporting, data center management, internet of things.

      See, measure, and manage energy across your healthcare facilities.

    • Doctors looking at an online chart, hospital management system, big data analytics, healthcare solutions.

      Make informed decisions to reduce energy's impact on your operating expenses.

    • Electrical automation engineer, electric utilities, electric power distribution, energy efficiency.

      Use energy savings to address maintenance backlogs.

    • A doctor and two nurses reviewing a patient, healthcare solutions, hospitals

      Redirect energy savings to improve patient care services.