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  • Two men looking at x-ray and hospital energy usage overview, sustainability reporting, energy management software, healthcare solutions.

    Healthcare Energy Management

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    • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

      White Paper - Effect of Intelligent Technology Infrastructure on Hospital Operating Costs and Patient Care

      The WHO estimates that 20-40% of the resources spent on Healthcare are waste. However new advances in technology make it possible to reduce waste, thanks to integration of previously separated systems. Read more
    • Read more about Schneider Electric solutions

      White Paper - How Energy Efficiency Ensures Financial Health for Hospitals

      Discover why becoming more energy efficient is one of the best choices for healthcare organizations to mitigate their financial challenges, and how to achieve it. Read more
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    To know more about Energy Solutions especially on Retro-commissioning for Healthcare, please register on Energy University

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    • Healthcare Solutions from Schneider Electric

      Learn more about the Schneider Electric intelligent hospital infrastructure approach. 

    • Maximize Hospital Efficiency

      Struxureware for Healthcare can help you improve your hospital's environment of care AND financial health.

    • Power Monitoring Control Solutions for Healthcare

      Learn how to bring energy and costs savings as well as peace-of-mind to your hospital.

    • Overcome Big Challenges with Struxureware for Healthcare

      Do you want to improve the environment of care in your healthcare facility AND your financial health? You can, with the StruxureWare for Healthcare software suite from Schneider Electric 

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